Build, Compete and Grow in Korea

Build, Compete and Grow in Korea

Build, Compete and Grow in Korea

We are Ipsos Business Consulting Korea.

Ipsos Business Consulting was founded in 1994 and has established a growth strategy consulting practice in Seoul, South Korea primarily designed to assist both foreign and Korean companies with their market entry and expansion plans within Korea and to help Korean businesses with the development of go-to-market strategies for in target markets on all 5 main continents around the world. The firm offers a broad range of advisory services to privately held businesses and public interest entities as well as foreign invested companies. Our leadership team have extensive experience in business unit strategy, go-to-market strategy and competitive intelligence. We are a purpose-driven consultancy that believes knowledge empowers organizations and enables them to create opportunities and generate growth around the world. We do this by drawing on our network of market specialists and consultants who have unparalleled on-the-ground knowledge and extensive experience in key established, emerging and frontier markets around the world. While we have offices in 20 countries across five continents, our experience and ability to provide organizations with fact-based consulting and business strategies extends beyond that well-established geographic footprint.

Here at Ipsos Business Consulting Korea we are united and driven by our mantra “Build · Compete · Grow” — three words that encapsulate who we are and what we do.

Build — establish firm foundations for new lines of business that match client resources to the strongest opportunity within their chosen market.

Compete — devise winning business models that will outperform the competition.

Grow — improve top-line growth for developed and emerging markets.

Not only does this purpose-driven proposition define who we are, it also clearly establishes what we are not.

We are very happy doing what we do best: connecting with businesses that thirst for knowledge and helping them achieve their goals by providing strategic advice based on market facts that draws on our extensive on-the-ground experience and generates insights through targeted research. We pride ourselves on being specialists and do not feel the need to be everywhere. We are not interested in becoming general management, human resources or IT consultants. We know our experience and methodology are best in class and we’re happy to say so.

Furthermore, we know our purpose and reason for being directly addresses the top three questions asked by business leaders, namely:

1. How should I build my business in a given market?

2. Who are my competitors and how should I best compete with them?

3. What are the growth opportunities for our business within the market and what value proposition can generate the best growth for us there?

Over the past three decades, we have developed several proprietary tools and processes that answer these questions to help clients “Build · Compete · Grow”.

Meet the team

Jennifer Ha
Jennifer Ha Head of Consulting - Korea


12th Floor, Korea Economic Daily Building
463 Cheongpa-Ro Jung-Gu 100-791
Seoul, South Korea
T. 82 (2) 6464 5100


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