Market Understanding

Market Understanding

Market Understanding

Your Sales and Marketing leaders play a critical role in anticipating and responding to customers' changing needs, as well as new competitive threats and advancements in innovation and technology.

Key Client Questions

  • How do we align our marketing strategy with our business goals?
  • How can we ensure that our marketing expenditure is effective in achieving our business goals?
  • What should our channel management approach be?
  • How are our competitors benefiting from channel management practices?
  • What is the optimum price for our product in the market?
  • How much value do our customers associate with our product?
  • How do our customers go about their decision-making process?
  • What unique value proposition will appeal to different segments within our target customers?
  • Do our customers recognise our brand?
  • What can we do to better position our products / services in our customers' minds?

Our Solution

Create customers. Drive sales.

Leveraging the knowledge and expertise of emerging and developed markets that we have built up over the last 20 years, our consultants work closely with your leadership to generate intelligence and insights, helping you formulate action-orientated plans to drive successful sales and marketing campaigns and strategies.

Our suite of solutions designed specifically for sales and marketing leaders includes:

  • OPTIMAL CHANNEL STRATEGY: One of the biggest challenges when entering new and emerging markets is to accurately define the right sales channels that will deliver the desired growth through reaching the right customer segments. The Ipsos Model for Channel Strategy in Emerging Markets takes into account 23 years of emerging market expertise
  • B2B CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION: A comprehensive three-step approach to segmentation begins with an analysis of the market dynamics and concludes with an implementation review
  • BRAND VALUE CREATOR (BVC): This market leading tool from Ipsos reflects the fundamental way businesses behave when it comes to decisions of which supplier to use
  • PRICING: Lets you know what price your B2B customers are willing to pay, and the impact that changes in price point will have on demand. Devise pricing strategies that will deliver immediate profit
  • SALES DETECTOR: Sales Detector provides actionable solutions that help our clients improve the real-world effectiveness of their sales force by focusing on five key areas:
    o Development of a B2B Customer Database
    o Prioritising Potential Customers
    o Understanding Usage and Behaviours
    o Value Proposition Development
    o Sales Strategy Development

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