Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Our Competitive Intelligence solution helps your business accurately assess competitive threats, in order to support your long-term strategic planning or short-term tactical decisions.

Key Client Questions

  • What is the current competitive environment in my business sector, and how is it likely to change?
  • How is my company performing and positioned versus my competitors?
  • What are the impending threats or emerging opportunities which my company should be aware of?
  • Are there key success factors and best practices which our company could learn from top competitors in our market?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of my key competitors?
  • Are there any key developments which will affect or threaten our market position?
  • What are the strategic levers which should be deployed in order to strengthen our company's position in the market?

Our Solution

A key challenge for business is how to ensure that competitive intelligence reaches those stakeholders that can use it effectively. Our structured approach to the competitive insights discipline begins by taking a top line view of the market, followed by a deep dive assessment of selected competitors. The final stage involves planning for the future. All of this is done in full partnership with your sales and marketing leadership team.

The key modules within the Competitive Insights solution are:

  • MAP OF THE LANDSCAPE: An overview of your current and potential competitors, and changes in the market environment. These include an assessment of the overall threats to your business as well as evolving customer behaviour.
  • BENCHMARK: This in-depth assessment of selected competitors explores their positioning, market performance, conduct and strategies. We bring together stakeholders for an assessment of the key competitive factors, and use gap analysis to track potential threats in the market.
  • ANTICIPATION AND PRE-EMPTING: Regular monitoring of your competitors provides you with insight on when and how quickly you need to move to pre-empt market threats.

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