Build, Compete and Grow in Indonesia

Build, Compete and Grow in Indonesia

Build, Compete and Grow in Indonesia

Ipsos Business Consulting in Indonesia is a growth strategy consulting firm with a difference. Being part of the Ipsos group, with a roots first being established here in Asia, we have developed a unique methodology and approach to consulting engagements that is often copied and yet unrivalled. At the heart of this methodology is our belief in the importance of primary research with industry players, key opinion leaders, government officials, academics etc. to help us to ensure that we get to the truth when it comes to establishing what the realities of the market place are, rather adopting the traditional consulting approach of building upon what we believe will be happening based upon what we have learned around the world. Indonesia is a unique and wonderful country that offers investors great opportunity and challenges, second only to China when it comes to the size of the available opportunity. But the country is still on a path towards establishing transparent and robust regulations that will improve its “ease of doing business” ranking. Undertaking a deep dive that provides a comprehensive understanding of how the market is structured and where the addressable opportunity is for your organization is what our consulting team and unique solutions do for wide range of global, regional and domestic businesses. In its fast growing team, Ipsos Business Consulting employs dedicated growth strategy consulting professionals with the right skills, experience and knowledge. Being part of the Ipsos group we are also able to design client engagements that make use of Ipsos best in class marketing research tools to give our clients an assessment of market “demand” as well as the market “supply”, without the need to outsource any of the project execution. We believe knowledge empowers organisations and enables them to create opportunities and generate growth.

Meet the team

Josua Siahaan
Josua Siahaan Head of Consulting - Indonesia
Ilman Hizbullah
Ilman Hizbullah Consulting Manager
Naylovar Rahayu
Naylovar Rahayu Consulting Manager


6th Fl. Mega Plaza,
H.R. Rasuna Said, Jakarta 12920,
T. 62 (21) 5296 4388


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