Innovation Scouting

Innovation Scouting

Innovation Scouting

This is an advanced solution that we use to help your company identify new market opportunities or business concepts. This would enable your company's leaders and business strategist to take their thinking beyond the traditional domains of market research or benchmarking into our world of building, competing and growing your business for the future.

This structured process is put into motion to challenge paradigms and uncover new ideas that are based on the following principles:


Approaches that will help generate a new insight or perspective for your company through a thought provoking process. The process is grounded on clear problem definition and a comprehensive fact-base consulting in order to facilitate a meaningful and focused ideation for your company's success.


This is a robust prioritisation process that would screen and evaluate different concepts for your company to ensure the feasibility of the final solution. This process also helps to identify key assumptions and critical success factors in your company that need to be proved or disproved in order for your company to succeed.

These solutions will help you answer some of the following questions.

  • How can my company identify and create new business opportunities?
  • Can my company offer our customers a new product, service, or experience that will distinguish us from our competitors in a positive way?
  • Are there unmet needs or gaps in my business market which could be addressed in an innovative manner?

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