Build, Compete and Grow in Hong Kong

Build, Compete and Grow in Hong Kong

Build, Compete and Grow in Hong Kong

Welcome to Ipsos Business Consulting in Hong Kong. We are an integrated part of Ipsos Business Consulting in China, which offers a full range of growth strategy consulting and IPO advisory services to privately held businesses and listed companies. . With the benefit of extensive network in Greater China and international consulting hubs, we combine international experience with local business and technical knowledge, and works seamlessly together with all offices around the globe. Our people are multilingual speakers who are fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, German and English, as well as other Chinese dialects. We strive to deliver expertise, people and resources to assist you as you seek to build, compete and grow in both established and emerging markets in China and the wider Asia Pacific region.

For more information on our offices on mainland China, visit here.

Meet the team

Markus Scherer
Markus Scherer Head of Consulting - Hong Kong
Adrian Lo
Adrian Lo Senior Consulting Manager
Jessica Chung
Jessica Chung Consulting Manager
Paul Hubrich
Paul Hubrich Business Development Manager
Hong Kong

Hong Kong

6/F 22 floor, 77 Leighton Center,
China Life Center Tower A,
One HarbourGate, 18 Hung
Luen Road, Hung Hom,
Hong Kong
T. 852 3766 2288

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