Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between Ipsos Business Consulting and Ipsos Market Research?

We are the third largest market research agency globally and the second largest in Asia. Ipsos provides research to many of the world's largest corporations and governments as well as to thousands of smaller clients. We work in areas such as product and service innovation, advertising effectiveness, customer loyalty, and public affairs. Ipsos is unique in offering business consulting and research services delivered by an integrated team of specialists. Sitting in shared offices, we work closely with our research colleagues on engagements that cover a broad spectrum of business processes. From needs analysis, product development, market sizing and segmentation to distribution chain analysis and sales & marketing strategy development - we do it all.

Will I have the opportunity to travel or work in other offices?

Many of our projects require travel and it is very likely that short-term project-related travel will be required. Unlike some other consultant companies, it's unusual for Ipsos consultants to be based in client offices for long periods of time. Opportunities also arise for internal relocation. We believe Ipsos Business Consulting benefits by keeping experienced, knowledge employees within the company. When the circumstances are right and an agreement is reached between the offices involved, an opportunity to transfer to another office would be possible.

Would I specialize in particular industries or solutions?

From Analyst to Management level, our consultants are expected and encouraged to work across a variety of projects. This means you will have the opportunity to gain experience from all our consulting solutions and work in a variety of sectors. At the Senior Management level, our consultants may begin to specialise in certain sectors, particularly where long-term client and industry relationships exist. While we work across a wide variety of sectors, we have enhanced our expertise consulting for clients in the Agribusiness, Automotive, Construction, Energy, Healthcare and Industrial sectors as well as many others.

What kind of internal training will I get?

New hires are given induction training in consulting methods, fundamental business, economic concepts, and the Ipsos Business Consulting approach to consulting engagements. Whatever your level, annual training is provided with your peers to ensure you continue to develop. This may consist of further grounding in consulting approaches for Consultants, introduction to project and client management techniques for Senior Consultants, or advanced leadership, negotiation and business development skills for senior level Managers. Opportunities for training and knowledge sharing with Ipsos research colleagues will frequently arise. This gives our employees a significant advantage over other consultant companies.

What will my day to day work load be like?

Consultants need to be curious, analytical, and have a strong people-focused mind set. This is reflected in the tasks that make up our day-to-day work. One day you might be conducting workshops with clients to understand their business or interviewing industry leaders to share their knowledge about a particular area. The next day you may be brainstorming which route to market in order to deliver the best returns for a client. This job will offer you variety and breadth whilst requiring tenacity, focus, and an enquiring mind.

What backgrounds do your consultants come from?

Our employees have diverse backgrounds that can range from business consulting, market research, engineering, biochemical sciences, sales, finance, and strategy. We all share the belief that good decision making is evidence-based and strategic. Consultants we recruit are highly motivated with outstanding academic credentials along with a strong record of extracurricular activity, professional accomplishment, and leadership.

Where is the Head Office? Does Ipsos Business Consulting have any particular geographical focus?

Ipsos was founded in Paris, France in 1975 and is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange since 1999. Our global corporate headquarters are based in Paris, France. We do not have a single head office, although our CEO is based in Hong Kong reflecting our historic focus on emerging markets in the Asia Pacific region. We continue to have a particularly strong presence in key APAC markets like China, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the ASEAN region. We are now worldwide with consultants based in North America, Europe, United Kingdom, the Middle East, Turkey, Africa and the Australasia.

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