Sales Detector - B2B Sales Strategy and Lead Generation

Sales Detector - B2B Sales Strategy and Lead Generation

Sales Detector - B2B Sales Strategy and Lead Generation

Sales Detector provides actionable solutions that help our clients improve the real-world effectiveness of their sales force by focusing on five key areas.

  1. Development of a B2B Customer Database
  2. Prioritising Potential Customers
  3. Understanding Usage and Behaviours
  4. Value Proposition Development
  5. Sales Strategy Development
Key Client Questions
  • What B2B customer segments will give me high-value sales and how should my sales force approach them?
  • How complete is my existing CRM system and does it capture all of the high value customers within my addressable market?
  • How should I define segments within my business customers? Which segments should my sales force prioritise?
  • What factors affect my customers' decision-making processes? What do they think of my business and how can my business serve them better?
  • Which customers offer the most potential for my business and what are their requirements? What Value Proposition should I use?
  • How should I modify my sales and marketing strategy to take advantage of the opportunities for my business?
Our Solution

Sales Detector determines which B2B customer segments will lead to high-value sales, and how your sales force should approach them. Success comes when your sales strategy is built upon a deep understanding of market facts. Clients typically utilise Sales Detector for:

Our methodology contains 5 important stages:

  • B2B CUSTOMER DATABASE DEVELOPMENT: We construct a database of customers in your target markets, featuring basic contact details for fast access.
  • PRIORITISING POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS: We use in-house modelling to create a shortlist of potential customers for your sales force.
  • UNDERSTANDING OF USAGE AND BEHAVIOURS: We provide additional information on key contacts, as well as their usage and consumption and other key criteria.
  • VALUE PROPOSITION DEVELOPMENT: We present key data on potential benefits and value, in order to help our clients create a winning strategy with customers.
  • SALES STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: We produce an updated Sales and Marketing Strategy for your business, along with an Action Plan that your sales team can implement in the short term.

Download the Sales Detector brochure (PDF)

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