Optimal Channel Strategy

Optimal Channel Strategy

Optimal Channel Strategy

A thorough analysis of distribution channels enables your company to assess its existing structure or design a whole distribution channel from scratch.

Key Client Questions
  • What are key characteristics of the market that we need to understand to successfully distribute our products/services?
  • How are our competitors positioned and how do they target the market?
  • How do internal factors of my business – business scope and strategy, price positioning, resources, and objectives – affect my optimal channel strategy?
  • How do I align my sales, marketing and operational teams to work in unison and gain market advantage?
Our Solution

The Ipsos model for Optimal Channel Strategy helps clients to:

  • Understand the market conditions, differentiate between distributors and continually refine their situation and goals
  • Uncover management tools and factors to be used to induce specific distributor actions
  • Analyse competitors to recognise and prevent flaws in distribution channel design
  • Undertake a gap analysis between your business and market distribution structures
  • Increase market success by modelling the best fit distribution solutions
  • Improve with short-term suggestions as well as an optimal long-term structure

Our model will help you to find the right distribution partners and manage them effectively. The key features of our approach are:

  • MARKET REVIEW: We provide an analysis of your potential market as well as the overall market conditions within your sector. We break down your competitors' business models and use a Channel Structure Assessment to unravel the complexities of distribution channels.
  • DISTRIBUTION ASSESSMENT: We give a detailed picture of the key distributors in the market, focusing on their ability to meet the volumes, margins and required support for your business. We also compare these to the distribution strategies adopted by the key competitors within your target market.
  • CLIENT REVIEW: We use an analysis of your organisation's internal conditions to provide recommendations on the best distributor models available, while assessing whether the existing distribution structure is "fit-for-purpose".

Download Optimal Channel Strategy brochure (PDF)

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