Brand Value Creator (BVC)

Brand Value Creator (BVC)

Brand Value Creator (BVC)

We incorporate a Brand Equity Metric that links directly to sales in a B2B environment. This market-leading tool from Ipsos reflects the fundamental way businesses behave when it comes to choosing a supplier.

BVC – Better measurement for stronger brands

Key Client Questions
  • How do we know how well our products and services meet customers/potential customers' needs, and how much personal meaning it has to them?
  • How can we measure the significance of factors such as distribution which may be helping or hindering our brand relative to competitors?
  • How can we know the strength of our brand equity relative to our competitors and identify what is driving and holding it back?
Our Solution

We've developed a measure that does all these things.

We call it attitudinal equity (AE):

Brand Value Creator (BVC) provides a measure of brand health that accurately predicts brand sales. It measures the strength of a person's attachment to a brand, and market factors that influence their likelihood of buying the brand.

BVC is highly efficient and practical as it only needs answers to a small number of questions. It is modular and can easily be piggybacked onto any consulting engagement. The clear distinction between consumer psychology and market forces helps direct marketing action to where it will deliver the greatest ROI.

BVC provides the strongest correlation between brand health and market share of any tool on the market today, verified by a significant number of studies in a wide range of industry categories and geographies.

BVC is built on the following:

  • Attitudinal Equity (AE): how much customers desire a brand
  • Market Effects (ME): how much share a brand is getting because of barriers and how much it is losing to its competitors because of barriers
  • Effective Equity (EE): Put AE and ME together and you get an accurate reflection of actual market share for a brand

Four questions are needed to create these metrics:

  1. Brand performance
  2. Brand involvement
  3. Share of wallet
  4. Barrier association

Respondents only answer questions for brands they use or would consider using, resulting in economy of measurement and high quality data.

BVC measures the equity of the client's brand while also calculating competitor equity to offer a complete overview of the market. By measuring the competitive landscape, BVC takes account of real-world issues, allowing people to reflect the reality of how they feel about brands.

In the real world, B2B respondents cannot have everything they want because market factors get in the way of their desire. With its efficient accounting of Barrier Effects, BVC measures these factors and their impact. BVC determines the real market value of a brand, and is able to measure the financial impact that market barriers have on that brand. The resulting data produces valuable insight which businesses can use to maximise their brand value moving forward.

Download Brand Value Creator brochure (PDF)

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