B2B Customer Segmentation

B2B Customer Segmentation

B2B Customer Segmentation

This service features a comprehensive three-step approach to segmentation, starting with an analysis of market dynamics and concluding with an implementation review. Ipsos' B2B Customer Segmentation solution provides essential context and a clear-eyed account of the size and scope of your company's markets.

Key Client Questions
  • How are developments in our business environment affecting the choices our customers make?
  • What factors affect our customers' decision-making processes? What do they think of our business and how can our business serve them better?
  • How can we define segments within our business customers? Which segments should our business prioritise?
Our Solution

We allow you to streamline marketing efforts by providing valuable insights into your target market. Our solution helps identify your core B2B customers, as well as which sub-segments show potential for growth. We then determine what is truly important to them and make recommendations on the best ways to communicate effectively.

Our B2B Customer Segmentation solution takes a close look at the trends or movements that are likely to affect your customer's decision-making cycles. By understanding how business customers decide on purchases, Ipsos can provide an in-depth assessment of processes within their organisations so that your business can make a compelling sales pitch.

Crucially, Ipsos' solution also incorporates a review of your distributors' priorities, in order to identify potential challenges before rolling out your new customer strategy. This unique analytical feature helps you to ensure smooth implementation.

  • MARKET DYNAMICS: We offer an in-depth assessment of the macro-economic factors, market stability, market growth potential and customer demand.
  • B2B CUSTOMER INSIGHTS:Our analysis features a thorough review of your customer characteristics and behaviour in the target market, including details of how you can serve them better.
  • SEGMENTATION AND TARGETING: We help you to segment and prioritise your target customers and channels, as well as ensure distributor alignment.

Download B2B Customer Segmentation brochure (PDF)

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