Other Market Assessment

Other Market Assessment

Other Market Assessment

History shows us that for every successful market entry, about four fail. When looking at market entry and expansion, we can see that factors such as timing, scale relative to the competition, and the ability to leverage complementary assets are all vitally important if your market entry is to be successful. Moreover, the magnitude and importance of entry decisions have to be supported by detailed analysis, not just when devising your organisation's go-to-market strategy, but also when you are developing the market entry strategy for your target market. Ipsos Business Consulting has over 25 years experience of helping global, regional and local companies with their market entry and expansion plans for both established and emerging markets on 5 continents. Our people and methodologies are focused on doing a deep dive into the market to give you insights and recommendations that are firmly rooted in the realities of the target market.

Key Client Questions:

Q. How can I understand a new market, or a new segment within an existing market?

Q. What should be my growth KPIs? Where should my business strategy be focused on – growing market share, increasing penetration, or finding a new niche?

Q. How can I reach out to, and penetrate the market better? How do I optimize my distribution and value chain?

Q. How can I better prepare my business for future challenges or opportunities in the environment?

Q. Are we cultivating the most value from our existing B2B customer base? What potential could a new target customer hold?

Q. What are rules and regulations in new market ? 

Q. How should I price my product/service considering customer perceptions, competitor pricing and operational costs?

Q. How to enter unfamiliar new market ? Which channel ?

Q. How to leverage on your brand strengths in the apparently "rational" world of B2B products and services?

Q. What is the next big thing we can offer to our customers? How can our products and services stay abreast of their ever-evolving needs?

Q. Who are the potential partners to help me compete better in the business environment?

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