Partner Evaluation

Partner Evaluation

Partner Evaluation

Forging strategic partnerships or acquiring another company can play a key role in driving your operations growth. Ipsos Business Consulting's proprietary methodology identifies the most suitable partnerships to drive your expansion and growth strategy.

Key Client Questions
  • How do we find a business partner to oversee the distribution, sales and marketing of our product?
  • How can we be sure that potential business partners have a genuine interest in a new business partnership?
  • How do we build a model that will identify a broad list of potential partners and effectively filter the database until the best candidates are identified?
Our Solution

Our Partner Evaluation solution identifies the right relationships to build your business, helping your business navigate the challenges and pitfalls associated with developing new partnerships or making the right acquisitions. Honed over decades of experience, Partner Evaluation can be a component part of our Go-to-Market Strategy and Business Unit Strategy offering, as well as a stand-alone solution to help you to:

  • Identify acquisition targets
  • Develop your network of franchisees or licensees
  • Secure OEM manufacturers
  • Develop your network of suppliers, distributors or agents
  • Find potential investors and/or joint venture partners

Partner Evaluation follows a four-stage process:

  • MARKET SCAN AND BROADLIST DEVELOPMENT: Ipsos produces in-depth analysis within the target market to understand the product categories and the competitive landscape, identifying the top players for further analysis
  • EVALUATION CRITERIA DEVELOPMENT: We then build a bespoke model to qualitatively and quantitatively analyse and rank shortlisted potential partners, aligning the search with your strategic goals and operational needs
  • UNDERSTANDING SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES: We further investigate each shortlisted candidate, providing a clear picture of their internal structure and processes, financial health, management performance, product portfolio and other key areas
  • PARTNER EVALUATION AND RECOMMENDATION: In this final stage Ipsos works closely with your leadership team to score, assess and prioritise the potential business partners. Ipsos will then make high-level recommendations about the partners or acquisitions that best fit with your own strategic goals and operational requirements

Download Partner Evaluation brochure (PDF)

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