Market Sizing & Forecasting

Market Sizing & Forecasting

Market Sizing & Forecasting

Successful business investment and new product launches require a deep understanding of market size and customer segmentation, and a view of which segments you should pursue. We have been helping clients with their B2B market sizing and forecasting needs since 1994.

Key Client Questions
  • How big is the overall market today?
  • How rapidly is it growing?
  • What segments are most interesting?
  • What substitute products and services are our potential customers currently using?
  • What are the long-term demand forecasts broken down by volume and price?
  • Who will be our main competitors?
Our Solution

For many markets, there are a wealth of "off-the-shelf" reports available that provide a cost-effective source for market sizing and segmentation. The main limitation of these reports is that they are red ocean in nature, and cannot fully explore blue ocean opportunities that will give your value proposition the edge that you are seeking.

Off-the-shelf reports are best suited to the markets for which their underlying methodology was designed – the developed markets in places such as North America, Europe, Japan and Australia. When analysing developing markets in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America, where secondary research data is known to be unreliable, off-the-shelf reports are can provide a quick and general overview of the market, but are far less effective at providing insight into complex issues.

When the market investment is known to be large and your company is aiming to win a significant share, then a market sizing methodology that provides a higher level of accuracy is required.

Our market sizing and forecasting solution is specially designed to provide depth and clarity for clients in developed and emerging markets on all 5 continents. Key features include:

  • Market size by volume and value
  • Clear and quantifiable recommendations on the addressable market
  • An opportunity assessment based upon the realities of the marketplace
  • Blue ocean findings on customer needs
  • Long term forecasting, by volume and value (Ipsos Forecasting Model)

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