Around the world, governments and industries are grappling with balancing responsibilities on climate change with the need to ensure that there is a secure energy supply. Energy companies are making substantial investments in technological advancements and infrastructure while governments make contentious bets on the future sources of energy supply. Developing the contribution from renewable energy sources is becoming an increasingly important part of energy security.

We have work with some of the world's best known energy companies to help them respond to the issue of energy supply and security. Do you want to become one of those companies? Projects have included market intelligence for natural gas supply, market assessment for Brownfield Energy Solutions, competitor profiling of power equipment suppliers, and value chain analysis within the power distribution industry. Within a highly competitive energy marketplace, we can work with your challenges to respond to changing realities with growth strategies built on rigorously assessed market facts.

Our energy industry partnerships include:

  • Power generation
  • Wind farms
  • Solar energy
  • Gas turbines
  • LPG / CNG
  • Diesel power generation
  • Petrochemicals
  • Chemicals
  • Power distribution
  • Power solutions

To learn about how we can help your business build, compete, and grow, contact us for examples of fact-based case studies demonstrating how we have made positive impacts in the Energy Industry.

Download Energy brochure (PDF)

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