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Go-to-Market Strategy in Indonesia
Ipsos Flair: Dealing with the opposites

The Ipsos Flair series of manuals is designed to help businesses formulate a strategic planning approach to countries they do not really know well, or where they may simply project their own stereotypes. We have previously published Ipsos Flair for Thailand in 2015 and 2017. Now we launch Ipsos Flair for Indonesia: Dealing with the Opposites – a unique introduction to the most significant economy within Southeast Asia.

Indonesia is more often in the news because of volcanic eruptions, tsunamis or other disasters,
than for a more positive coverage. It is all the more unfair since the country, one of the most attractive in the world for tourists, has been experiencing sustained economic growth for decades and, since the election of the President Jokowi, has undertaken an unprecedented effort to modernize its infrastructure not just in Jakarta but all over the archipelago.

Ipsos Flair’s purpose is to do justice to Indonesia by revealing the deep dynamism of society and the opportunities offered by its variations of local and international brands. It is also an opportunity to discover the innovation potential of its entrepreneurs.

Download Ipsos Flair and email indonesia.bc@ipsos.com with your questions and comments about the contents, or to find out more about investing in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Your Contacts in Jakarta:

Douglas Cassidy
Head of Consulting, Indonesia

Feri Kurniawan Kosasih
Consulting Manager, Indonesia

Ilman Hizbullah
Consulting Manager, Indonesia