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Press Articles

April 2014 -

Jakarta is an expensive city to live in

Jakarta is a metropolitan city where it is Indonesia's economic, cultural and political centre. Then the question is, how expensive is it to live in Jakarta ? Domy Halim as the Country Manager of Ipsos Business Consulting (BC) Indonesia stated, “Based on the survey conducted by Ipsos BC Indonesia on 21 February 2014, Jakarta can be classified as an expensive city to live in relative to the average wage of Indonesia, even more expensive compared to other major cities such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, London, Sydney and New York.” The Ipsos BC survey found that if you live in Jakarta, you have to pay approx. USD2.88 (IDR 34,000) for a cup of Hot Cappuccino Grande Starbucks whilst in Hong Kong it costs almost double compared to the price in Jakarta (USD 4.38). However, a coffee in Jakarta is equivalent to 1.12% of the average wage, whilst in Hong Kong a coffee requires 0.28%. Therefore, after considering the average wage factor, the price of coffee in Jakarta is relatively (75%) more expensive than the price in Hong Kong. This higher price differential can also be seen for other consumptive products such as one night stay in Four Seasons Hotel, KFC, Zara Women shirt, Samsung S4, internet broadband, movie ticket and also one year gym membership.


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April 2014 - Various media in South East Asia and Australia

Automakers race to develop next generation eco cars and tap lucrative emerging markets

Ipsos Business Consulting reveals how automakers are shifting their focus away from producing high quality cars for saturated developed markets to manufacturing efficient, environmentally friendly vehicles for fast-growing emerging markets. The article has been mentioned in various media in South East Asia and Australia where the audiences and journalists also shared the information through social media.


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March 2014 - Various media in Thailand

Is Bangkok Too Expensive?

Ipsos Business Consulting has released an article and info graphic under the topic "Is Bangkok Too Expensive?" to describe about the high cost of living in Bangkok when compared to other big cities around the globe. The article and info graphic were published in various media in Thailand, mentioned in TV news program during primetime and shared more than 20,000 times on Social Media.


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December 2013 - The Business Times

The challenges of growing in emerging markets

There are typical issues when companies try to replicate a developed country strategy in emerging markets without fully appreciating the differences in market maturity and consumer mindsets.


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August 2013 – The Financial Express

Gaming on the Go

Helped by high speed internet connection and a large consumer base, India is witnessing a surge in mobile gaming. This article highlights the increasing popularity of mobile games and the innovative ways through which various brands are riding on this surge in the Indian market.