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Press Articles

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Hong Kong Pawn Stars Losing to Payday Lenders (Q4 2014)

This article from the November 2014 edition of Hong Kong Business magazine looks at how Hong Kong pawnshops compare against payday lenders and what could be the silver lining for the 208 pawnshops in the city. It includes comments from Markus Scherer, who leads our Hong Kong office. Email to get in touch with the Hong Kong team.


Press Articles

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The Future of Food (Q3 2014)

Sooner or later the food industry will approach its fifth wave of development beyond the regular, value for money, convenience, premium, health and wellness, natural and organic, and ethical concept. Future consumers will demand all of the above qualities and the ability to self-validate the claims of those health benefits. This Ipsos Business Consulting article by Nathanon Ratanathamwat in the magazine of AmCham Thailand considers how, increasingly, ASEAN consumers want a food product that has a functional purpose and look to manufacturers to embrace the concept of multi-functional products.


Press Articles

June 2014 - Jakarta Post

Ipsos Business Consulting Indonesia has shared their views with Jakarta Post regarding the green policies towards ASEAN's Eco car market. Please click here to review their comment on


Press Articles

May 2014 - The Wall Street Journal

Colin Kinghorn, Head of ASEAN and Australia gave his comments to The Wall Street Journal about Thailand's automotive industry towards the declaration  of a coup d’etat. Please click here to review his comment on The Wall Street Journal blog.


Press Articles

May 2014 - Bangkok Post

Eco Cars and Key Developments within the Global Auto Industry

Colin Kinghorn, Head of ASEAN and Australia recently wrote the article "Eco cars and Key Developments within the Global Auto Industry" to indicate increasing demand for eco-cars in developed markets, where new technologies and an ageing demographic are inspiring the development of next-generation smart cars. The article was published in Bangkok Post, both newspaper and online versions. Please click here to view the article online.