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Press Articles

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International trade: where human insight is still in demand

As two-way trade takes off between developed and developing markets, the appetite for human-driven business intelligence is growing. Ipsos Business Consulting CEO, Peter Snell, talks to Reconteur as they conclude that there’s no doubt the market for human-driven business intelligence has a future. Email Peter with your comments and questions at


Press Articles

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Kia sticks close to Hyundai on Indian entry

India is expected to be the third largest market for passenger vehicles by 2020, and with models that are well suited to the Indian market, Kia is expected to perform well in this growing market. Contact for more information.


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Toyota and Suzuki graduate from ‘ideas’ to ‘concrete examinations’

We anticipate Toyota will continue to seek these types of business alliances with other automotive manufacturers in the future to build market share in preparation for the new competitors entering the market. Contact for more information.


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ASEAN Lube Trade – Far from Free

Despite continuing efforts to reduce tariffs on trade within the ASEAN regions, many member countries continue to uphold and implement protectionist policies when it comes to Oil and Gas related product trades. Ipsos Business Consulting shares its views on the key drivers and barriers when it comes to the lubricants trade within ASEAN through its recent publication ‘The New Lubricant Trade in ASEAN’. Contact for more information.


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Hong Kong - IPO Handbook

Hong Kong is a leading international finance center and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is one of the more popular and active exchanges for the raising of capital. Ipsos Business Consulting has provided customized industry research to over 80 companies over the past five years which have gone on to successfully list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. IBC’s Thomas Percival and Joey Ng were recently invited to contribute a chapter on the importance of industry research to a new publication entitled “A Practical Handbook to Hong Kong IPOs 2016”, which is aimed at providing new listing applicants information on the entire IPO process. The chapter covers areas such as how to engage with a research company, the benefits of contracting a research company and the overall research process. Email to get in touch with the Hong Kong team.