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In the Media

January 2013 — Ipsos Asia Pacific

ASEAN Pulse: Bringing you the ASEAN way...

If you're looking for some good cheer in a pretty gloomy world at the moment, consider the opportunities that exist in South East Asia, home to fast-growing economies that are now written into the landscape and an increasing focus as the region moves towards integrating their economies by 2015. In this edition of the ASEAN Pulse we identify five key trends in South East Asia as well as a country view for Indonesia and the Philippines. You can download the January 2013 report here.

In the Media

September 2012 — Ipsos Dubai

Peter Snell, Global CEO of Ipsos Business Consulting, was invited on the Dubai Premium Business radio programme by Dubai Eye 103.8.

During the talk-show, Peter discussed the following topics:

  • The Business Consulting (BC) expertise: fact based consultancy that provides accurate data across a broad spectrum of business issues to companies before they enter the market.
  • Its full-circle analysis approach: by combining desk research with in depth executive interviews, BC provides hard-to-get information and real data to provide an accurate market picture.
  • How BC fits into market research: it is research based consulting that helps clients shape their business entry strategies before they get to the detailed brand research.
  • The Partner Compass: an evaluation service to screen and score the best would-be partners, whether acquisition, JV or distributors for companies in a specific market.

In the Media

February 2012 — Bangkok Post

Analysts warns of potholes in Myanmar

Myanmar is an enticing proposition for investors. It is a new, emerging economy that will produce an ever-growing number of middle-income consumers. But it is a country with very little reliable economic and market data available. Investors would be well advised to treat all existing secondary data with extreme caution.

It will be some time before reliable secondary data is available for most of the markets within this country. In this Boardroom Briefing organised by Ipsos Business Consulting, distinguished speakers were enthusiastic about the opportunities that would arise in Myanmar but alerted business leaders about some of the challenges that they would face.

Decisions made now can have enduring consequences. A lack of market understanding or insufficient forward planning can have detrimental consequences that could plague your new business ventures for years to come. Commercial and operational issues, competitive positioning, building robust supply chains, understanding laws and regulations, employee remuneration-all of these issues bring challenges in a new market such as Myanmar.