Brexit Strategy


How to build a new era of trade for post-Brexit Britain

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

If political figures brought confusion and paralysis to the UK in the period immediately following the 2016 Brexit vote, then it falls to the business community to step forward and give shape to the new investment landscape that the referendum created. Britain, as a powerful force in international trade, owes its standing to its traditions of leadership and initiative in a crowded field – and business leadership is again what is called for here.

But the questions for leaders remain the same: Which paths are worth taking? What will be the most significant challenges along the way? Which local factors need to be understood and closely monitored?

Ipsos Business Consulting’s worldwide network of analysts has developed this investor’s guide to address these essential questions for British businesses and investors. After compiling on-the-ground in-depth industry reports and projections in over a dozen non-European countries, we compared the areas of market potential in each of them with the sectors where British industry has proven itself to be most competitive.

The result is a bird’s eye view of the specific market opportunities that are ripest for British investment moving forward. With specific expert commentary from our regional directors on four continents, this guide provides a comprehensive outlook for investors seeking to understand the future landscape of successful UK international investment.

With much ink spilled over (undoubtedly important) issues surrounding future trade policies that the UK is likely to enter after finalising its divorce from Europe, it is easy to lose sight of the more focused questions about overseas growth projections, market gaps, and comparative advantage that drive international investment.

The task of identifying the most promising opportunities and putting them into a proper global perspective is one to which Ipsos Business Consulting is ideally suited. Our network’s presence in 87 countries allows us to lend our expertise to businesses and investors in every field, providing both the market research and local know-how needed to position our clients for continued success around the globe.

Our Brexit Strategy Team

The outcome of the UK's referendum on EU membership represents one of the biggest corporate strategy challenges for business leaders in living memory. Whilst the country's trade relationship with the EU is set to change, we should not lose sight of the fact that the UK has strong trade links with other parts of the world, that have lasted for hundreds of years. The new challenge is to reshape the growth agenda and secure the evolving opportunities for British business in developed and emerging markets around the world. Ipsos is uniquely placed to work with companies in the United Kingdom and abroad as they adapt to the post Brexit world. We have a team of Go-to-Market and Business Unit Strategy experts working on the ground in key regions and countries around the world. These professionals are supported by Ipsos' marketing research offering in 87 countries.

Peter Snell
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Lynn Morgan
Head – Europe and Americas

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Regional Head for Greater China
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Regional Head for Africa, India and Middle East
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Regional Head for ASEAN and Australia
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Masatoshi Shioda
Head – Japan

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