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Ipsos Business Consulting Go-to-Market Strategy

The world is changing fast. Technology, disruptive innovators, the needs of new, powerful customer segments and new communication channels as well as political events have made their mark. The global financial crisis, Brexit, and the election of Donald Trump have shown that developments in the most-established markets can have significant repercussions around the world. Repeating tried and tested business models will be insufficient to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Taking what works in established markets, replicating this in emerging markets with its associated emphasis on the customer will also compromise growth strategy. Re-balancing customer understanding with a more thorough understanding of the market fundamentals, trade and channel dynamics will be essential to drive distribution and sales.

Since 1994 Ipsos Business Consulting has been helping companies develop a clear understanding of the markets they are interested in expanding to. We can help you make the right decisions about how to do business in a new (or existing) market, or even if you should be doing business there at all. We do this by drawing on our network of market specialists and consultants who have unparalleled on-the-ground knowledge and extensive experience in key established, emerging and frontier markets around the world.

We have developed a best practice Go to market framework based on over 20 years' experience in supporting companies in their sales and marketing growth strategies. This starts from establishing a clear view of the market fundamentals through to developing go to market recommendations that are grounded in the realities of the marketplace.

Ipsos Go-to-Market Strategy Model

Our Go to Market solution addresses the following questions that must be addressed for a successful go to market strategy:

  • How do we make sure that the market entry strategy suits our business model and targeted customers?
  • How do we create a compelling value proposition addressing the needs of our customers?
  • What is the size of the potential opportunity in our specific market?
  • What should be our practical roadmap for the launching of our portfolio in our market?
  • How should we set our growth KPIs? Should we focus our business strategy on growing market share, increasing penetration, or finding a new niche?
  • Which potential partners are best suited to help our business compete more effectively?
What We Do
How We Do It
Who We Are

What We Do

Build • Compete • Grow” is our proposition at Ipsos Business Consulting. These three simple words clearly define and articulate what we do. They are directly derived from our purpose, or reason for being.

Build - establish firm foundations for new lines of business that match client resources to the strongest opportunity within their chosen market.
Compete - devise winning business models that will outperform the competition.
Grow - improve top-line growth for developed and emerging markets.

The Ipsos proposition for Consulting - Build • Compete • Grow – directly addresses the top 3 questions asked by business leaders in the both existing, and target clients. These 3 questions are:

  • How should I build my business in a given market?
  • Who are my competitors and how should I best compete with them?
  • What are the growth opportunities for our business within the market and what value proposition can generate the best growth for us there?

How We Do It

We integrate multiple data points across various information sources to provide a consolidated, full circle view combining:

  • Client in house information
  • Secondary research through our own in house Knowledge Centre
  • Supply side research leveraging our specialist market consulting capabilities
  • Demand side primary research leveraging Ipsos’ global in market research capability covering 88 countries

This ensures we provide fact based information and recommendations based on the realities of the local marketplace.

Who We Are

Douglas Cassidy
Global Finance Vertical Specialist

Paul Hubrich
Business Development Manager – German Desk
+852 2839 0646

Xiaobo Cui
Healthcare Specialist
+86 10 52193224

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Go-to-Market Strategy

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