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Thailand: Ipsos Flair - Understand to anticipate

The world balance of power is changing and our customers are entering new markets.

The Ipsos Flair series of manuals is designed to help businesses formulate a strategic planning approach to countries they do not really know well, or where they may simply project their own stereotypes.

Following on from the original France Flair and subsequent editions covering Italy, China and Brazil, we now present Ipsos Flair Thailand!

Ipsos Flair Thailand provides an essential briefing on:

  • The country’s values and mood
  • The influence of its history, religion and culture
  • The local people’s vision of the future, their ambitions, desires and ideals
  • How these factors shape how consumers behave, and how they relate to brands
  • How to succeed in Thailand.

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Ipsos Publications

Indonesia’s Infusion Pump Market

Indonesia’s market for medical equipment, including infusion pumps, has increased over the past several years. As hospitals in Indonesia continue to improve upon their current medical equipment, the need for infusion pumps will continue to increase even though infusion pumps are still considered, by many hospitals and healthcare facilities, as an expensive burden. This Research Note from Ipsos Business Consulting explores the healthcare conditions in Indonesia and the current trends in the infusion pump market.



Ipsos Publications

Automotive Parts Industry in Indonesia

The automotive parts market in Indonesia has seen a significant increase in demand due in large part to the rising middle class throughout the entire country. In this Research Note from Ipsos Business Consulting, we take a closer look at the automotive components industry, government policies and investment plans, as well as key drivers and barriers the industry may be dealing with in the current Indonesian markets.





Ipsos Publications

- Achieving Successful Distribution in Emerging Markets
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- Distribution Channel Strategy Design Download PDF (969kb)

Achieving Successful Distribution in Emerging Markets

Many foreign companies operating in emerging markets lack basic knowledge to enable them to design efficient distribution channels for these very specific markets, which inhibits their commercial potential. Manufacturers are too often uncommitted in the way they approach the matter of distribution, whilst at the same time lacking understanding about how to design and implement effective distribution strategies. Instead they typically base their choice of channels on underlying factors, such as the company’s business strategy or market conditions, with distribution commonly seen as little more than a utilitarian task.

Many companies entering new markets quickly learn that determining the best possible sales channels is a much harder task than first thought. Finding the right distribution partners and managing them successfully is key to delivering successful distribution that drives sales and increases a company’s local success.

This research note from Ipsos Business Consulting includes a general model to help companies to overcome this problem. It draws on the common characteristics of emerging markets to create a “best fit” distribution strategy solution for companies, both new entries and established manufacturers.

“Achieving Successful Distribution in Emerging Markets” should be read in conjunction with the detailed case study “Distribution Channel Strategy Design”.




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