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Sugar - What next?

Obesity is the third greatest social burden driven by human beings, after smoking and war, violence and terrorism. And while sugar consumption is far from the only cause of this, it is increasingly in the spotlight.


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European Mobilities Observatory

Key results:

  • Europeans spend an average of almost 2 hours a day on the move
  • 65% use their car to get to their place of work or study: it is the most common mode of transport for all compulsory daily journeys
  • 58% of Europeans are dissatisfied with the fluidity of traffic during the rush hour
  • A majority of Europeans consider public investments in transport infrastructures insufficient, in particular in terms of intermodality (61%)
  • 66% of Europeans would be willing to use their car less often if the necessary investments were made
  • 77% believe that future innovations in the field of mobility will have a positive impact on their daily life

Ipsos Publications

3D Printing - The genesis of a new realm of possibility in manufacturing and supply chain

3D Printing is a powerful technology that some are describing as revolutionary. Whilst many industrial manufacturers have been slow to adopt the technology, the number of companies adapting their manufacturing process and supply chains is expected to increase as the materials that can be used in 3D printing expand and the speed of printing improves: there are already reports of US research labs creating 3D printers that work at speeds of 5-6 times that of existing commercial 3D printers. This industry guide from Ipsos Business Consulting looks at the potential developments in industrial manufacturing with a spotlight on China, India and the ASEAN countries.


3D Printing Paper

The 3D Opportunity

3D printing is truly revolutionary. The ability to print bespoke parts and products will transform industrial manufacturing as well as many other sectors including Healthcare. Whilst the technology has still to be fully utilised, developers are already working on turning 4D printing – which will allow the printed product to change shape!


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