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ASEAN Healthcare Paper

Identifying Opportunities Within Asean’s Universal Healthcare Programmes

This paper provides a summary review of market opportunities related to universal healthcare programmes in ASEAN – with a special focus on Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. As each country’s population joins its national health system, extensive partnerships are needed to fill the demand for hospital beds, qualified doctors, modern equipment, quality medicine and after-sales service.



3D Printing Paper

The 3D Opportunity

3D printing is truly revolutionary. The ability to print bespoke parts and products will transform industrial manufacturing as well as many other sectors including Healthcare. Whilst the technology has still to be fully utilised, developers are already working on turning 4D printing – which will allow the printed product to change shape!



Indonesia's Growing Automotive Aftermarket Landscape Paper

Indonesia's Growing Automotive Aftermarket Landscape

Indonesia’s developing used car market is gradually becoming more structured due to the greater availability of flexible financing terms, standardized and authorized dealership channels and better transparency of information.



Meat Industry Paper

Vietnam’s Meat Market: Mind the Gap!

As the world’s 14th most populated country, Vietnam and its 94 million people are increasing their livestock consumption as they experience higher income and population growth. Despite the relatively stable growing trend of livestock production over the past few years, meat output has not managed to keep up with the current consumption demand.



Aquaculture Paper

Indonesia's Aquaculture Industry: Key Sectors for Future Growth

The main growth driver for Indonesia's fisheries is the fact that key commodities such as fish and shrimp continue to enjoy strong demand domestically and abroad respectively. The main domestic factor is the fact that the archipelago nation of more than 250 million people is a major consumer of fish.



Connected Car Paper French

Quel est le moteur du marché des voitures connectées?

La révolution digitale démarre à peine dans l’industrie automobile. Les fabricants se ruent pour offrir les services de voitures « connectées », qui incluent des options telles que l’accès Internet en voiture, les systèmes de « divertissement » (musique, réseaux sociaux…), la connexion de smartphones, la localisation du véhicule... Aujourd’hui, les voitures fabriquées par les grands constructeurs automobiles sont produites avec des systèmes embarqués automobiles.



Indonesia Paper

Indonesia Automotive Outlook 2016

ASEAN is host to two of the world's most important emerging markets for Automotive - Thailand and Indonesia. In our latest automotive publication our Automotive team provide you with an outlook on the Indonesian automotive industry in 2020,


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