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ASEAN Healthcare Paper

Identifying Opportunities Within Asean’s Universal Healthcare Programmes

This paper provides a summary review of market opportunities related to universal healthcare programmes in ASEAN – with a special focus on Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. As each country’s population joins its national health system, extensive partnerships are needed to fill the demand for hospital beds, qualified doctors, modern equipment, quality medicine and after-sales service.



3D Printing Paper

The 3D Opportunity

3D printing is truly revolutionary. The ability to print bespoke parts and products will transform industrial manufacturing as well as many other sectors including Healthcare. Whilst the technology has still to be fully utilised, developers are already working on turning 4D printing – which will allow the printed product to change shape!



Investing in Iran Paper

Iran: A New El Dorado

Iran offers investors excellent opportunity for new growth in what must surely be one of the world's fastest growing emerging markets. However, Foreign Direct Investment initiatives are certain to be fraught with dangers and challenges. It is estimated that around 70% of the economy is controlled by the state.



ASEAN Lubricants Paper

The New Lubricant Trade in ASEAN

Global lubricant markets have seen a dramatic rebound since the global economic recession of 2008–2009. At that time, global demand dipped to its lowest point since the latter half of the 20th century, but has since surpassed its previous high mark set in 2007.



Connected Car Paper

What's Driving the Connected Car?

The digital revolution has barely begun in the automotive industry. Having said that, automakers are racing to offer "connected" car services, which include features such as in-car internet access, entertainment systems, and integration with smartphones, traffic lights, and other vehicles. Today, the cars produced by the major automotive OEMs are built with automotive embedded systems. Soon they will become communicating objects.


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