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3D Printing in Korea

With Korea acting as a fast follower rather than an innovator in the 3D printing industry, Korean companies are now setting their sights on catching up to the field in this quickly developing sector. In this Ipsos publication, we review the Korean 3D printing industry in its present state, including its most promising opportunities as well as the barriers to success that business is currently facing. We then put a special focus on the major Korean players, the parts of industry where the technology is most likely to take hold in the coming years, and how the government and businesses are stepping up to the challenge. The Ipsos publication includes:

  • Market Potential of the Korean 3D Printing Industry
  • Barriers to Growth in the Korean 3D Printing Industry
  • Detailed Trends of the Korean 3D Printing Industry, by Sector
  • 3D Printing in the Education and Health Sectors within Korea
  • Korean Government Policies for 3D Printing
  • Government Investment in Korean 3D Printing Industry
  • Future Prospects for the Korean 3D Printing Industry