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Go-to-Market Strategy for Thailand: Ipsos Flair - Beyond the concerns

The Ipsos Flair series of manuals is designed to help businesses formulate a strategic planning approach to countries they do not really know well, or where they may simply project their own stereotypes. We published our first Ipsos Flair for Thailand in 2015. This 2017 rendition, “Beyond the concerns”, offers a unique perspective on the mood of the country.

2017 represents a crucial year for the Thai economy which has latterly suffered from weak growth. The government looks to stimulate economic activity through state spending and incentives for private business investment. Recognising that old solutions aren’t working and that new effort is required, the government has vowed to deliver Thailand 4.0, a value-based economy focused on innovation and sustainable technology, demonstrating a clear ambition to move the country ahead. However, without supporting details it remains unclear how this will be achieved. “Beyond the concerns” highlights the continuing challenges and corresponding opportunities that present themselves in respect of changes in wider Thai society.

Download Ipsos Flair and email thailand.bc@ipsos.com with your questions and comments about the contents, or to find out more about investing in Thailand and South East Asia.