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Thailand: Ipsos Flair - Understand to anticipate

The world balance of power is changing and our customers are entering new markets.

The Ipsos Flair series of manuals is designed to help businesses formulate a strategic planning approach to countries they do not really know well, or where they may simply project their own stereotypes.

Following on from the original France Flair and subsequent editions covering Italy, China and Brazil, we now present Ipsos Flair Thailand!

Ipsos Flair Thailand provides an essential briefing on:

  • The country’s values and mood
  • The influence of its history, religion and culture
  • The local people’s vision of the future, their ambitions, desires and ideals
  • How these factors shape how consumers behave, and how they relate to brands
  • How to succeed in Thailand.

Email thailand.bc@ipsos.com to find out more about investing in Thailand and South East Asia.