Travel & Logistics

Fast-growing trade volumes, coupled with rapid technology advancements, have fueled the widespread demand for transportation and supply chain services, ranging from airlines, truck and railway, shipping, courier and postal, to third party logistics management. Speed is the essence as customers demand greater flexibility in order fulfillment, so as to recover quickly from unexpected changes in demand or supply. As supply chains become increasingly globalized, companies face the challenge of striking a balance between achieving economies of scale, while staying nimble in responding to customer needs. In response, several global players have implemented the hub and spoke distribution to optimize turnaround time, while keeping transportation and inventory costs in check.

As supply chains take on a more globalized and integrated front, companies are increasingly pressured to streamline their internal processes, as well as to build network economies and partnerships. In addition, other key aspects in building long-term business sustainability will include the assessment of industry deregulation impact, establishment of areas for operational excellence, and identification of opportunities for new service innovation.

Ipsos' travel and logistics practice enables companies to assess key market trends, as well as identify new solutions and partnerships that are attuned to current and emerging market and drivers. Ipsos's experience in working with several global logistics players includes supply chain analysis, customer and competitor intelligence, as well as value proposition development.