Sector Expertise

We provide proven expertise through practical, fact-based consulting that covers a range of business sectors.

Our consultants are the right people to work with when it comes to market intelligence and strategy solutions in most business sectors and markets. In certain key business sectors we have developed a unique set of skills. We are confident that these skills will help your business succeed on a local, regional or global scale. There is no substitute for firsthand knowledge when it comes to understanding an industry. We draw on the detailed industry expertise of our consultants which has been accumulated through many years of practical project execution. This will ensure that your endeavour with us will be a success. Whether you’re looking to build your existing business, meet a new competitive challenge, or grow in a new market, we will work with you every step of the way.


Thriving demands in developing economies, pressures to increase productivities, volatility in commodity prices, changing climatic trends, and political focuses on food supplies around the world all add up to a period of transformation in Agribusiness Industries worldwide.



With a fully globalized supply chain and a history of over-production causing pressure throughout the automotive industry, we believe in 5 years the automotive market will be a very different landscape than it is today.



From Shanghai to London, skyscrapers continue to reach for the heavens. On the ground, the construction industry has seen a period of extreme turbulence.



Around the world, governments and industries are grappling with balancing responsibilities on climate change with the need to ensure that there is a secure energy supply.



Healthcare is a complex and challenging industry. Changing expectations in terms of patient outcomes, cost control, and the ease of market access all add up to mandates for reform throughout the sector.



The cogs that turn to keep global markets moving are capital intensive with long-planning cycles. They offer both immense opportunities and risks that are driven by developments in technology, management, manufacturing practices, consumer lifestyles, and macro-consumption trends.


Other sectors of expertise: