Professional Services

Professional services of today face several business concerns, ranging from managing rising manpower costs, assessing the impact of off-shoring and outsourcing strategies, to identifying new product and marketing opportunities through online channels. Growth is also a key area of focus as companies are increasingly looking to expand their geographical coverage to tap on new overseas markets. At the same time, the proliferation of local boutique firms gives rise to new competitive dynamics, which challenges the conventional business models of larger, full-service firms.

In view of these developments, several key strategic considerations need to be addressed: What are the emerging business models today, and their impact on a company's existing value proposition and operations? How should a company prioritize across different markets in its expansion strategies? What type of market entry strategies should a company adopt for its various overseas markets?

Ipsos has advised several global brands across various services segments, ranging from human resource, real estate, to marketing and advertising agencies. By leveraging on our synergies across business consulting and market research expertise, we are able to deliver fact-based solutions that will provide companies with in-depth customer intelligence, as well as deliver strategic insights on opportunities for corporate strategy development, market entry, and service / product development.