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Press Articles

August 2013 – Focus Malaysia

Running Out of Charge

All-electric cars have arrived in Malaysia but the supporting infrastructure is yet to be built. Despite ongoing efforts to improve the situation, a murky international outlook for electric vehicles casts a shadow on the local market. Ipsos Business Consulting shared our insights on this industry during an interview with FocusM .


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May 2013 — Business Standard

Electric Mobility

The future of sustainable transportation in India lies in developing electric vehicles across transit automobile segments.



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May 2013 — The ASEAN Secretariat

Surveys on ASEAN Community Building Effort 2012

Ipsos Business Consulting was engaged by the ASEAN organisation in 2012 to undertake a study related to ASEAN Community Building initiative. Ipsos was asked to provide a report that would provide knowledge for ASEAN to develop outreach strategies that can ensure the ASEAN Community Building initiative enjoys a more effective method of communication with both the ASEAN general public and the business sector. The following is the Executive Summary of the full report to the ASEAN organisation, which can also be downloaded from the ASEAN website -

Please contact your local Ipsos Business Consulting team to find out more about this important report.

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May 2013 — ASEAN Pulse

Bring You the ASEAN Way - Second Edition

In this second quarterly edition of ASEAN Pulse, we continue with our aim of bringing to light the opportunities awaiting investors in the fast-growing economies of South East Asia. Countries in focus include Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar. You will find in this issue specific insights about the economic and social elements of these countries that will play an important role in evaluating your market entry and expansion strategies, as well as plans for branding.

This edition of the ASEAN Pulse also provides a narrowed profile of each country's consumer: their characteristics, culture and traditions, and other important influencers of their purchase behaviour. A supplementary feature report on Thailand as the next luxury shopping hub is also included below.

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March 2013 — In The Black

The Next Asian Giant

Indonesia is on course to be one of the world's 10 largest economies by 2030 and, while the government faces numerous challenges, investors can no longer afford to ignore the ASEAN heavyweight.