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Press Articles

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Long Term Opportunities in ASEAN

Despite the recent turmoils in the currency markets, ASEAN business heads are bullish about the long term opportunities for the region. A recent survey of 750 ASEAN business leaders shows where they are planning to focus their attention. Contact for more information.


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Asia’s Millennials Want to Connect with Brands

When it comes to marketing to the Millennial generation across Asia, brands must be authentic and relevant. ASEAN millennials are fortunate in having been born in the best of times for the SE Asia region. Businesses are adapting their marketing messages and hiring processes to attract their loyalty. Contact for more information.


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Spotlight on Indonesia: despite sales decline, the show must go on

Indonesia’s auto market is in decline with sales of new vehicles down 18 per cent in the first-half of 2014. Domy Halim, Head of Consulting Indonesia at Ipsos Business Consulting, told Automotive World in August that “negative economic sentiment” was a key driver of the slowdown which he forecasts will worsen during the second half with annual sales volume reaching just 950,000 to 1million units in 2014. “This is aligned to the revision of Indonesia’s GDP growth rate for 2015, which was lowered to 5 per cent from the previous estimate of 5.7 per cent,” he told the magazine.

Regional trends were another factor with sluggish business in Java, which accounts for about two-thirds of sales in Indonesia, dampening national performance. “The dominance of Java Island is driven by the infrastructure development that has been historically emphasised in this most populated island in Indonesia,” he said, adding. “Vehicle sales in other islands such as Sulawesi and Sumatera are still increasing, fuelled by infrastructure development there.”

Despite recent lacklustre performance, Halim remains upbeat on the sector’s long-term potential. “The government still has a positive outlook for Indonesia’s automotive industry… [and its] high potential to be developed as one of the supporting pillars for Indonesia to compete in the global economy.”
Read the full Automotive World story here.

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July 2015 - China copycat controversy returns with Porsche Macan

China’s domestic automakers must look to “local innovation and development” as the only way “the industry can successfully move to the next level,” Wijaya Ng, head of consulting at IBC China, and co-author of “Trends in China’s Automotive Component Manufacturing Industry” recently told AutomotiveWorld. “Domestic automotive manufacturers are currently at a fairly nascent phase, many companies may still look to more established foreign players to reference off and to learn from.”

This falls far short of the expectations of mainland consumers who crave originality from China’s carmakers and remain unimpressed by news of copycat activity within the local industry, most recently brought to light by potential legal action from Porsche over alleged patent infringement.

While “legal action from Porsche, if anything, would be a steep uphill battle in China,” Wijaya Ng, adding it’s time for the Chinese auto sector to get more creative.

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Tianneng Power Recognized by Ipsos as the "2014 Best Chinese Electric Vehicle Battery Brand Based on Customer Satisfaction" (Q3 2015)

The rise of a market for micro-electric vehicles in China will significantly spur demand for both lead and lithium batteries, while strong growth of new energy vehicles will lead to an explosive growth of the lithium variety. Prospects for firms in the electric vehicle ecosystem are expected to be promising. Email to get in touch with the China team.