Media & Entertainment

The media & entertainment industry represents one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing markets worldwide. The advent of the internet age, coupled with rapid technological advancements across various communication channels have ushered in a new era of multi-platform, digital media content. Audiences are able to access content, anywhere, anytime, while becoming increasingly involved in joint content generation. New businesses, such as online advertising, mobile commerce, and digital video delivery, are amongst the myriad of opportunities emerging in this media landscape.

Against this backdrop of market growth, ubiquitous content accessibility, and exploding consumer choices, companies are faced with a host of critical questions. What are the emerging industry fundamentals and value chain components? How should the company's business model evolve in view of growing content digitalization? How does the company deliver a superior customer value proposition and user experience across a multi-platform service offering? How will marketing and customer segmentation strategies be affected as media channels become increasing fragmented?

Ipsos has worked with numerous global media and entertainment organizations, such as media companies, publishers, international broadcasters, multimedia and online companies. With in-depth market knowledge and extensive consulting experience across the media sector, we help companies take advantage of new market opportunities, as well as defend against impending business threats through an array of solutions, such as media landscape mapping, competitor and channel intelligence, consumer insight and brand analysis.