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Understanding India's Construction Equipment Market

India's growth story has witnessed many cyclical changes across a wide range of industries from agriculture and retail to software, IT and real estate, all of which serve as key drivers of the country's economy. Volatility in real estate and related industries, such as construction equipment, has resulted in demand-supply gaps that hamper analysis of the sector and its trends.

This Research Note from Ipsos Business Consulting provides insight into opportunities for various construction equipment original equipment manufacturers in terms of business channels, as well as outlines the market structure by manufacturers and segments while indicating the road ahead in terms of infrastructure requirements.



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Thailand’s Poultry Industry

Thailand has an ambitious plan to be the “kitchen of the world” and thereby secure its future as one of the most important food exporters globally. The country has a market leading position in areas such as rice and sugar cane.

In this Research Note from Ipsos Business Consulting, we examine the development of the industry in Thailand and consider the relevance of poultry to the “kitchen of the world” policy.



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China’s Evolving Urban Landscape: Urbanisation and the construction industry

China’s urbanisation rate exceeded 50% for the first time in 2011. Another 100 million rural citizens will join their urban counterparts fuelling the rise of seven inland megalopolises and an expansion of medium and large sized cities across China’s inland provinces. By 2025 China is forecasted to have 221 cities each with a population over one million, compared with 35 in Europe today. This expansion will directly drive demand for construction materials and investment in public infrastructure, forcing government to implement energy efficiency targets and sustainable urban development solutions.

In this Industry Report from Ipsos Business Consulting, we look at the challenges facing local and national leaders as a result of this population explosion, as well as the numerous opportunities which will arise in energy-supply infrastructure, mass transit systems, water resource management and green buildings as Beijing seeks viable solutions to upcoming challenges.


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China’s TIC Industry

Seizing M&A opportunities in China’s Testing, Inspection and Certification industry.

挥舞并购之剑: 把握中国第三方检测认证市场增长机会

This Research Note is only available in Chinese. Ipsos Business Consulting explores the mergers and acquisition opportunities available within the testing, inspection and certification industry in China.



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Vietnam’s Coffee Industry

Vietnam’s coffee industry is expected to grow strongly in the coming years as the population continues to expand at a rate of about one million people a year and the country and the tastes of its people become more sophisticated. Increased activity at both consumer and trade levels from local and international players is another factor that is expected to fuel the industry’s growth.

In this Research Note from Ipsos Business Consulting, we explore the Vietnamese coffee drinking habits, Vietnam’s coffee value chain and how the country is gearing up for sustainable growth.

베트남 커피산업

베트남의 커피산업이 향후 몇 년간 급속히 증가할 것으로 예상된다. 이는 매년 약 100만명씩 베트남 인구가 중가하고 베트남 사람들의 입맛이 점점 까다로워지고 있기 때문이다. 또한 국내외 소비자와 무역업자들의 활동이 점차 증가하는 것 또한 커피산업 성장을 예측할 수 있는 중요 요인이다.

이번 입소스 비즈니스 컨설팅의 리서치를 통해 베트남 사람들의 커피 음용 습관과 베트남 커피의 가치 사슬 (value chain), 그리고 지속 가능한 성장을 위해 베트남이 어떤 준비를 하고 있는지 알아보고자 한다.