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Ipsos Publications

Opportunities and Challenges in China’s 3D Printing Market

Adoption of 3D printing in China is taking place at a much slower rate than previously expected, despite its potential to drive innovation across a range of industries from education and healthcare to creative design and engineering. Ipsos Business Consulting research reveals hype surrounding the technology as a key limiting factor. Outlandish claims about the uses of 3D printing are creating confusion in the market which is in turn stalling its development. However, opportunities exist for agile companies who are able to dispel such myths by effectively communicating and marketing the technology’s practical applications. Concerted efforts by both government and the private sector to bridge the knowledge gap will be essential to ensure long-term growth.



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Trends in China’s Automotive Component Manufacturing Industry

China's automotive components sector is set to achieve annual growth of 20 per cent for the next five years driven by demand for new cars and a growing secondary market. The aftermarket segment will become the main outlet for automotive parts as the average age of vehicles on the road continues to rise and the current total car population has already surpassed 100 million. The counterfeit auto parts market, already the world's largest with a current value of about US$40bn, will only increase as the overall market grows.

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Powering ASEAN’s Growth

Territorial oil disputes, rising fuel prices, nuclear disasters and choking smog levels have brought energy issues sharply into focus in recent years. Opinion polls have highlighted the concerns from all countries about the safety, affordability and sustainable supply of energy. This paper from Ipsos Business Consulting considers the energy challenges facing ASEAN countries up to the end of this decade and how they will shape the region in subsequent years. As the ASEAN economies continue to grow, so too will consumption rates of energy and hence, fossil fuels. This could create further strains on overloaded grids and further pollution in the skies and waterways. Ipsos will consider some the technologies and trends that could help to avert this disastrous scenario.

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Eco Cars And Key Developments Within The Global Auto Industry

The demand for so-called “eco cars” such as hi-tech hybrids and electric vehicles (EV) has increased in recent years, not only in developed markets but in emerging markets as well. Ipsos Business Consulting provides a bird’s-eye view on the key developments within the global automotive industry in this Research Note.



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India’s Mobile Phone Market

Mobile subscribers grew multiple folds over the last decade which also led to an increase in the mobile phone sales in India. This uptake in the market in recent years has changed the dynamics of the mobile phone retail market. In this research note from Ipsos Business Consulting, we present the landscape of the mobile phone retail market, including the mobile phone growth, smartphone penetration, emergence of domestic handset players, mobile retail market trends and our outlook.