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Ipsos Publications

February 2014 – Eco Cars And Key Developments Within The Global Auto Industry

The demand for so-called “eco cars” such as hi-tech hybrids and electric vehicles (EV) has increased in recent years, not only in developed markets but in emerging markets as well. Ipsos Business Consulting provides a bird’s-eye view on the key developments within the global automotive industry in this Research Note.

2014 年2月 - 世界の自動車産業の潮流(エコカーと主要な技術開発動向)


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February 2014 – India’s Mobile Phone Market

Mobile subscribers grew multiple folds over the last decade which also led to an increase in the mobile phone sales in India. This uptake in the market in recent years has changed the dynamics of the mobile phone retail market. In this research note from Ipsos Business Consulting, we present the landscape of the mobile phone retail market, including the mobile phone growth, smartphone penetration, emergence of domestic handset players, mobile retail market trends and our outlook.

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February 2014 – Indonesia’s Infusion Pump Market

Indonesia’s market for medical equipment, including infusion pumps, has increased over the past several years. As hospitals in Indonesia continue to improve upon their current medical equipment, the need for infusion pumps will continue to increase even though infusion pumps are still considered, by many hospitals and healthcare facilities, as an expensive burden. This Research Note from Ipsos Business Consulting explores the healthcare conditions in Indonesia and the current trends in the infusion pump market.

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December 2013 – Automotive Parts Industry in Indonesia

The automotive parts market in Indonesia has seen a significant increase in demand due in large part to the rising middle class throughout the entire country. In this Research Note from Ipsos Business Consulting, we take a closer look at the automotive components industry, government policies and investment plans, as well as key drivers and barriers the industry may be dealing with in the current Indonesian markets.

2013年12月 - インドネシアにおける自動車部品産業


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November 2013 – India’s Engineering Industry

Engineering is India's largest industrial segment and accounts for nearly 3-4 per cent of the country's economy. It has grown by an annual average of 12 per cent for the past five years on the back of higher investment in infrastructure development and industrial production, new government initiatives, such as allowing 100 per cent foreign ownership of firms within the sector, and lowering customs duty. In this Research Note from Ipsos Business Consulting, we highlight key trends, drivers, opportunities and challenges facing India’s engineering industry.