Ipsos Specialist Industrial Consulting

The cogs that turn to keep global markets moving are capital intensive with long-planning cycles. They offer both immense opportunities and risks that are driven by developments in technology, management, manufacturing practices, consumer lifestyles, and macro-consumption trends.

It’s important that as a business leader you understand your customer’s needs in B2B markets with complex purchasing requirements. You need to accurately size and forecast opportunities alongside market potentials on a global scale. For years, Ipsos has partnered with industrial businesses in both developed and developing markets to help them make multi-million dollar decisions.

We have helped many industrial businesses succeed from local manufacturers to some of the largest multi-national conglomerates worldwide. Let us help your business next.

Our specialist industry partnerships include:

  • Industrial components
  • Industrial machine tools
  • Industrial automation
  • Security and access systems
  • Heavy engineering
  • Engines and components
  • Power equipment and components
  • Oil and gas equipment

To learn about how we can help your business build, compete, and grow, contact us for examples of fact-based case studies demonstrating how we have made positive impacts in the Industrial Industry.