IT & Technology

Shifting frontiers in technology, the market place, and consumer behaviour have brought the telecommunications industry into a new era of complexity, uncertainty, and business opportunities. The advent of Internet Protocol applications, including Voice over IP, has spawned several pure-play competitors. At the same time, new internet and technology players are also increasing expanding into the mobile space as a growing portion of the value chain starts to shift towards data and entertainment. On the customer front, increasing mobile sophistication, coupled with the growing prevalence of convergence, present new opportunities for growth through the provisioning of innovative and user-centric service offerings.

In order to thrive in this rapidly evolving environment and competitive landscape, telecommunication companies must understand and recognise the opportunities for growth, and align their short term and longer-term strategy to fit the changing rules of the game. The key issues to be addressed would be to understand what consumers today are seeking in terms of value proposition and user experience, new threats and opportunities represented by the emerging trends, as well as identify a viable positioning which the organization can take on in competing within this new ecosystem.

Ipsos has extensive experience working with telecom players across the mobile value chain, from handset manufacturers, telecom equipment companies to telecom service providers in defining go-to-market, competitive and growth strategies. We help companies identify the changing needs of their customers and the marketplace, assess the competitive landscape, as well as test the viability and sustainability of their competitive strategies through tools such as scenario planning and business war gaming.