Ipsos Specialist Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare is a complex and challenging industry. Changing expectations in terms of patient outcomes, cost control, and the ease of market access all add up to mandates for reform throughout the sector. Complex webs of stakeholders now carry influence by going beyond patients and healthcare practitioners by including third-party payers, policymakers, hospitals, service providers, pharmaceutical companies, equipment manufacturers and distributors.

We can help your business identify the next big technology shift that you will need in order to plan for and find the best partners globally for you to work with. We help many organisations, both in the private and public sectors, with fact-based consulting, practical advice, data, and analysis to ensure they can successfully engage in these complex healthcare markets. Your business could be next.

Our healthcare industry partnerships include:

  • Major R&D focused global pharmaceutical companies including both prescription and OTC products
  • Medical technology
  • Equipment & facilities
  • Consumables
  • Services & engineering
  • Healthcare insurance

To learn about how we can help your business build, compete, and grow, contact us for examples of fact-based case studies demonstrating how we have positive made impacts in the Healthcare Industry.