Ipsos Specialist Agribusiness Consulting

Thriving demands in developing economies, pressures to increase productivity, volatility in commodity prices, changing climate trends, and political focus on food supplies around the world all add up to a period of transformation in Agribusiness Industries worldwide.

Are you in the Agribusiness industry looking to find a practical way to build, compete, and grow during this period of transformation? From market sizing and growth forecasts in emerging markets to complex multinational value-chain mapping and analysis, we can give you the full view of your marketplace from the field gate to your consumer’s plate- all by using our proven methodologies.

Our agribusiness partnerships include:

  • Animal health
  • Agrichemical, fertilisers & pesticides
  • Agricultural equipment, vehicles & engines
  • Aquaculture
  • Commodity & produce export, import, trading and distribution
  • Feed ingredients
  • Food ingredients
  • Food processing
  • Seed development
  • Sustainable development

To learn about how we can help your business build, compete, and grow, contact us for examples of fact-based case studies demonstrating how we have made positive impacts in the Agribusiness Industry.