Message from CEO

Welcome to Ipsos Business Consulting.

When you look at the great companies around the world they all have one thing in common – they are built by great people who work hard and refuse to compromise. At Ipsos Business Consulting, we are fortunate to employ the very best people in the business. Being a specialist consulting firm, we know that people are the heart and soul of our company. All of our professionals are committed to maintaining our position as the original and best market intelligence and consulting firm to emanate from the Asia Pacific region.

We are immensely proud of being Ipsos – the Home of Researchers, known for being an innovative, entrepreneurial, client-focused organisation, providing research and consultancy services to clients on a global basis. However, we never forget our unique roots in Asia Pacific, where we opened our first office in Hong Kong, back in 1994. One of the things that makes Ipsos Business Consulting unique is that our business grew throughout Asia before expanding to other continents. We have grown from our humble beginnings in Asia to become part of one of the world’s largest research & consulting firms, giving our clients unparalleled access to a global network that spans 84 countries.

It is not just our Asian roots and global footprint that make us unique! Here at Ipsos Business Consulting, you will find a team that is focused on providing practical advice for business. Unlike the traditional consulting firms, Ipsos Business Consulting offers its clients a fresh and innovative approach to consulting projects. We have developed a methodology that makes use of marketing research techniques so that we can go deeper and see further, allowing us to give our clients recommendations and directions that are firmly based on the realities of the market place.

Our goal is simple – we want to be our clients’ preferred provider for market intelligence and consulting projects within the sales and marketing arena to ensure that their businesses, like ours, continue to grow and compete. We want our clients to be proud and pleased to work with us and every member of my team will work hard to ensure that you enjoy the best consulting service in the market place.

Peter Snell

CEO, Ipsos Business Consulting